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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

I don't know why people continue to refer to irc meetings: does are not
our most important activity, it's only a tool to make the point of the
situation. The worst thing i see is that we are more than 150 ambassador
but only 10 or 20 are active, not only in irc meetings or mailing list,
but at the events, see the events wiki page i see only few ambassadors
there: is possible such thing? NO, absolutely no.  I know that we are
different from developers that stay all together and all work, but we
have to keep their philosophy to our project, and to make this possible,
it's necessary to create more strength rules and improve our community


So, it not correct for ambassadors that spend their free time working
for this project will not be awarded. We actually have Ambassadors
Recognition Award, and this is one type of prize, but i think we need
something more project related and "Honored Ambassador" is the best
solution I've found. Who work hard will receive the permanent status of
ambassador. I know you may misunderstand this new status but it's the
best way to convince people to work.


Francesco Ugolini

Hernan Pachas ha scritto:
> Hello All,
> I think that one is not due to divide to the ambassadors in two
> classes of ambassadors. If we them ambassadors are it jeopardize with
> Fedora, he is so that we like and not to look for a recognition or to
> appear publicly. It is why I am in discord with the proposal of
> Francesco.
> The subject of activity or inactivity, cannot be measured by the
> participation or not in the list or the IRC, many of us we have
> diverse occupations like: to study, to work and in my case of sharing
> just a short time that I have with the family. Nevertheless, always I
> am present in local activities referring to Fedora, giving to char
> them, making copies of the distribution, sending articles on the new
> thing of Fedora to lists of local communities, etc. that is to say,
> spreading and making know kindness Fedora. But what if I do not have
> time or the facilities of my work to connect me to chat IRC, during
> the working hours, that are the hour that makes the meetings by IRC
> generally. I assure to them that I like to participate in the meetings
> of #fedora-mktg, but the time me does not allow it.
> It wanted to take advantage of this point, to comment an idea that can
> serve to perhaps solve this problem of communication, so that the
> serious problem is the communication, I believe that it becomes
> necessary to have a person that understands many languages, to have a
> fluid COMMUNICATION, in the case of Latin America of Spanish, English
> for people speaks English, and so on between all the continents, so
> that the ambassador but participation is productive, many of the
> ambassadors we did not comment or we did not participate actively in
> lists them, by this incoveniente and I believe that is a subject who
> can be solved, forms to solve exist many, and I am sure that it is
> possible to be solved. (I know that many will say that the English is
> the standard language, but not always all we want to communicate in
> another language that is not the birthday :-) )
> Our problem is "COMMUNICATION" and the communication is not made
> better if it becomes to a side a person or if it looks for to
> compensate it, but improving the communication.
> Greetings,
> ---HernanPachas
> Fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-ambassadors-list


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