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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

If someone does something, please report this in the Wiki, in weekly
meetings, in Mailing Lists or tell an ambassador (trough jabber or
telephone) to make this for you, but report ALL the activity.

Manage a community is not simple and we need all your help to improve
the project and to see you are here.

Thank you

Francesco Ugolini

Jeroen van Meeuwen ha scritto:
> Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
>> Why do we need to keep trying to make distinction between various
>> "levels" of ambassadors?  Let's quit trying to turn this into an elite
>> club and be open to having people join and contribute in what ways they
>> can.  I just don't see what this Honored Ambassadors piece gets us.
> I must say you have a point here. I'd become an Ambassador when I wanted
> to join the mailing list, because I figured I could channel feedback
> from users in my country into development, not necessarily promote
> Fedora in any way (I guess I'm just not that type of guy). Either way...
> Would not actively promoting Fedora to the outside world also be
> considered 'inactivity'?
> Kind regards,
> Jeroen van Meeuwen
> -kanarip
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