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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

It's not a FAmSCo problem, it's a community problem. We are tying daily
to improve the community but we see people not take part of this
process. FAmSCo actually receive only material requests, but none is
asking him for help etc... Why ???

We need participation, we know we came from all over the world but we
have to stay TOGETHER, we have given people the tool to do this, e.g.
Mailing List (people can ask, propose etc...), we have given an email
alias to make people possible to filter the email, we have given an irc
channel, we have given our telephone number (if you haven't this, ask
here or thought private mails), we have given you the chance to mmet us
in the events.

We have tried all the possibilities but only few people actually used
this ones. I want to ask again: Why people don't participate ?

As the consequence of this consideration I think we have to say STOP!,
and the only tool that we have to create more strict rules.

We are the first that test an Ambassadorship activity, we have no past
examples, we can only learn new things from this project. One thing that
I've learned is that we are a different project from
Documentation/Extras/Artwork/etc..., because we don't follow concrete
activities, we don't write code, write guides etc... : we talk with
people, we try daily to sponsor our project and, deeply, a philosophy.

It's inevitable that we have to use different rules and those can be
seen as bad ones, but if we don't try we will stay in the actual
condition. Sorry, but i don't want this. I'm trying since the first day
here to make a dream real, today i believe this is the only way to make
this possible.

I think this discussion will help all people to understand the
difficulties to collaborate in a Global Community, with our cultural
differences, with our goals etc...


Francesco Ugolini

nihed mbarek ha scritto:
> +1 :)
> 2007/4/2, Hanafiah Muhamad <hanafiah fedoraproject org
> <mailto:hanafiah fedoraproject org>>:
>     I agree
>     +1
>     By doing this this we can eliminate sleeping ambassador.
>     On 4/3/07, *Wilmer Jaramillo M.* <wilmer fedoraproject org
>     <mailto:wilmer fedoraproject org>> wrote:
>         On 4/2/07, Francesco Ugolini <
>         francesco ugolini fedoraproject org
>         <mailto:francesco ugolini fedoraproject org>> wrote:
>         > This is true, and you can organize local meeting, but we have to
>         > remember we are a global community and we have to work ALL
>         TOGETHER. If
>         > you want to held Latinoamerican meeting do this, but first of
>         all there
>         > is global meeting, where all ambassador work to organize the
>         events,
>         > activities and propose new ideas to improve the community.
>         You how believe possible to control who works and who does not
>         do it?,
>         each contribution by very small that is invaluable.
>         I believe that instead of propose to create a control and
>         bureaucracy,
>         consider that who really work, they must have unconditional help
>         from
>         famsco, and who  help little must also receive incentives.
>         Instead of
>         criticizing who should to be excluded from the _select_ group of
>         Ambassadors, must consider strategies globally by cover the requests
>         of them.
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