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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora French Ambassadors Weekly Minutes [2007-04-01]

Armelk wrote:
We put in place on the Wiki section a page about platforms manufacturers,
Desktops and Notebooks systems (Acer, Asus, Dell, Nec...) as well as the
components hardware (mother charts, video charts, wifi...), you find it at
this adress : http://doc.fedora-fr.org/Compatibilit%C3%A9_Mat%C3%A9rielle
The idea to have a form so that the users of Fedora can put their hardware
compoments of the configuration at it in order to have a base of data for

I would suggest not trying to work on a wiki to collect this data especially on a regional website. This is extremely hard to maintain manually. We have two related projects to do it in a more automated fashion.

Smolt which collects just hardware information
LHCP which aims to provide compatibility information.


It would much more efficient to work with LHCP and help them out in packaging etc.

Trashy works on new Extras packets submission.

Since you have a relatively community working on packaging it would be useful to have a regular mentoring session where you can invite enthusiastic people and introduce them to packaging and related processes in Fedora.

Armelk and Trashy will start to work on a presentation of Fedora 7 before
the release so that we are ready for the next events around Fedora 7.

Can you make sure this is translated into English too?

6) FreeMedia Program

No new request for Belgium and no new request for France.

We haven't been advertising the presence of Free media much since the number of requests we can serve is low. How many requests can we be fulfilling every month in these regions?


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