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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

Francesco Ugolini wrote:
> We have to shake inactive people with new rules. I know it seems a bad
> thing, and in a certain view I agree, but it's the only way. Personally
> I'm hurt to see people that are doing nothing, because they don't
> respect people who work, and in this project we have a lot of people
> that every day talk with people and promote Fedora.

We don't *have* to do anything.  The cons to this proposal outweigh the
pros and have been brought up by many others on this mailing list.  We
stand to gain little by taking what will be perceived by many a negative
action and stand to alienate ambassadors who are out there supporting
Fedora though they might be neglecting to report every action to the list.

This is certainly not the *only* way.  People are more likely to
participate in a positive and supportive group.  Not one that is looking
to mark people's names from a list because they failed to report
everything they are doing.  That is *not* the way to gain participation.

If you want increased communication figure out why people aren't
reporting.  Make participating at events easier.  Let's focus all of
this energy towards something positive instead of this internal noise.
Let's work to get more Fedora users - not build animosity amongst our
own volunteers.

You also have to remember this is a volunteer group.  Some people may
only have time to hand out a few DVDs or talk to people in their area
about Fedora.  If an ambassador were to only hand out one DVD a year and
not report it - I would still keep that person as an ambassador without
a label.

> If we want to close our eyes, ok, but it's not the better system. We
> have to give a new chance to Ambassadors Project to improve itself.

I don't think many have suggested closing their eyes.  Many have
suggested focusing on *positive* changes or means to encourage

> Personally i prefer 100 people that work than 400 that do nothing.

And this comes around again - what is FAMSCO's opinion on this.  I have
yet to see any of the other FAMSCO members weigh in on this.


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