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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

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Francesco Ugolini schreef:
> Sorry, but what I'm doing here? Am i joking? Or what?
No, no, you misunderstood me. It's not personal Francesco. Read on

> Ok, i know I'm not a perfect manager but i want to remember what Thomas
> is doing for this project: hi is managing all the request made by
> Ambassadors, he is improving the communications trough Fedora News, and
> giving new ideas for the project.
> For the rest, people are working hard in the FAmSCo list and in the real
> world. Took the example of Rodrigo that is managing one of the biggest
> community (Latin America) and working to make the Ambassadors goals
> possible.

I know this, but does everyone know this?

> So, we can't be everywhere and we can't accomplish all the requests but
> we are trying to make our better, but we need the help of the community.
True enough.

> Regards
> Francesco Ugolini

This is what I was trying to say: the FAmSCo list is closed, we as
ambassadors don't know what's going on and if this issue has been
discussed there. Hearing the voice of one FAmSCo member isn't enough in
this case. Don't take this as criticism, it's just a matter of managing
a community: it's a job of the whole of FAmSCo, not one person; esp. if
decisions on project level have to be made, like this one.

Hope to have cleared my point here,

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