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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors+task+some idea

Hi People,

I am an ambassador from Bangladesh and can be defined as an inactive ambassador as I have seen in the mailing list.
Let me add some food to your thoughts.

1. I love GNU/Linux. Have been using it for last 6 years. Last 3/4 years more dedicated. Started with Red Hat 8 and since then used SuSE, mandrake, Ubuntu along with Redhat/Fedora.
Brief usage pattern:
I have 1 desktop/server + 1 laptop running FC6 and another with Win 2000 + Ubuntu dual boot.
- Now, I am a dedicated user for sure.

2. Before even joining the list I always voiced to people to use Linux. Showed them how can it benefits (Security/no virus) and how cool it is;). Free does not work here as in BD you can have all pirated software abandoned. I you buy one, you may be seen as fool.
But whatever it is I have successfully converted quite a few people with my small strength and will continue to do so.

3. When I saw the Ambassador thing, I thought how cool it is, I can be one and went through all the steps.

4. But I never been in IRC meeting (my ISP blocks the IRC ports for security reason !!!!!).

5. Always go through the mailing list and read the mails, see whats going around.

6. I am kind of a shy guy, so making a presentation or something like that panics me.

I am still not sure from all the dicussions (I have read the old long discussion which sent few weeks ago) whether its a bad thing to be inactive (I mean the way ACTIVE is defined). Do I bring any harm or problem. I am sorry being not that much active.
Hope I made some sense here and thanks for reading my mail.


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