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[Ambassadors] Regarding Linux Talks and Fedora Education

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Dear All,
                 I would like to inform you all that I'm coordinating
a programme called "Linux Talks" at our university. The programme is
organized by Kathmandu University Open Source Community (KUOSC, see
http://www.ku.edu.np/~kuosc) in joint collaboration with Kathmandu
University Alumni Asscoiation (KUAA, see http://www.ku.edu.np/kuaa).
The programme will cover the basics of Linux to some of the advanced
level topics like server configuration, localisation and others.
Although the programme is neutral to the distribution of Linux (as
we'll be using two or three distros), we are focussing heavily upon
the Fedora Core 6. The brief programme details are as below:
    Title of the Programme : Linux Talks
    Mission Statement: Choice for All
    Duration: 3 Months
    Total number of Sessions : 8-10 (at least one session per week)
    Total number of participants : 40-50
    Topics to be covered:

    * An overview of FOSS and GNU/Linux
    * Open Office.Org : Use and Automation
    * Localisation and Nepali Applications
    * LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Framework
    * Configuring Secure Servers in Linux (DHCP, DNS, BIND, SAMBA,
      NIS, NFS etc)
    * Security Concerns in Linux (Firewall Configuration)
    * Linux Desktop for productivity
    * Media Authoring using FOSS Tools
    * Content Management System (using Drupal)
    * OSI Approved Software Licenses

This is just a rough sketch of the contents to be covered, and has not
yet been finalised. I expect your help in restructuring and finalising
the contents. Moreover, (as the programme moves heavily around FC6), I
would like to request for your support and help regarding the
presentations, documentations and other training materials. Meanwhile
I wonder if I can continue this programme in conjugation with the
Fedora Education. Could Fedora Community send us some promotional
materials like banners, flyers etc.?

Thank you.

Abhishek Singh

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