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[Ambassadors] The fedora project and local forums


I've described in my "hello"-mail that I want to start a discussion about the 
status of local forums inside/outside the project and also the contact with 
them. There are many international community websites out there [1]. But ATM 
their only relationship to the project is that they use fedora. That's a 
point you have also noticed in a FAD last year [2].
So I would like to talk about how to integrate them more into the project, 
talk to them and so on. In my opinion forums and esp. local forums are the 
users first touch with fedora (besides the installation itself). Of course 
only for those that like forums - if they like IRC or mailinglists more they 
can use the _official_ irc channels and mailinglists (and also in their 
language). But the forums are normally called "community websites" - for 
different reasons. But if we (as fedora project not as a lonely ambassador) 
can get in contact with them and they get more involved in the project (as a 
forum, not as a normal person) this could be a benefit for all of us. 

The first question here is if you have already discussed this in the past? If 
not it would be a good start to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 
this. I have some ideas for this but first I'd like to hear your opinion. :)


P.S.: If you hink that this question is absolutely wrong on this list, please 
say "stop". :)

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CommunityWebsites and 
[2] http://tux.u-strasbg.fr/~chit/FAD/FAD.odp

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