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[Ambassadors] Update on Fedora at GITEX (37 days to go)

Just a quick update on preparations for GITEX 2007:

Pre-Event News

    * Volunteers to man the booth are desperately needed. This is a
great opportunity to promote Fedora 7, meet lots of IT pros (and
future employers?), and, maybe, even play with the OLPC XO laptop.
    * Support from Red Hat Europe and OpenNet MEA has been excellent. Thanks!
    * We have a demo pod, courtesy of Red Hat
    * We have an excellent design for a poster and flyer, in English
and Arabic. Terrific job!
    * We now have 380 Fedora 7 DVDs


    * Booking rooms for this event are a challenge. I'm staying with a friend.


    * Red Hat Europe has confirmed we can use a portion of their booth space.
    * The Fedora Project will have a purpose-built demo pod.
    * Booth assignment is Stand A6-11 in Hall 6 - See exhibition hall
floor layout.

Booth program

    * Fedora 7 Demo Laptop with all the latest video effects
    * Fedora 7 Bootable USB demo and possible installations for daring
    * Fedora 7 DVDs (380 shipped)
    * Fedora 7 Live CDs (open to suggestions on GNOME / KDE / i386 /
x86_64 ratios)
    * One Laptop Per Child demo laptop (Confirmed)


    * A dedicated demo pod in the booth with Red Hat (Thank you, RH),
OLPC XO laptop demo, and two Red Hat partners

Fedora Project - GITEX 2007 Sign and Brochure Design

    * Red Hat is graciously providing a demo pod for Fedora and we
have been asked to provide a layout for a sign for the demo pod
consisting of a large title and 3-4 major points.
    * The artwork has been realized by Hisham Abdel-Magid, based on
Fedora Art Team themes and design. Thanks, Hisham!

See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/GITEX for details.

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Project

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