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[Ambassadors] Its good to be back and a few events.

 Hi *,

Back after a long time, nearly three months. During this I was
detached from everything. Hope everyone is fine. Now  I have taken
admission to my masters,I am back and it feels great to be back.

Well a few events from my part...

>> On 25th August we are arranging a install fest at West Bengal
University of Technology(WBUT),Kolkata.Though the capacity is limited
to 30-35, We are looking for a series of such events.Distros will be
Fedora and probably Ubuntu too.

>>Setting up an internal mirror/yum repo at WBUT. Actually I got it
running few minutes ago.We are also thinking of a public mirror if we
can arrange for a bigger pipe.

>>Compiling a custom distro based on fedora for UVC clients/AMD geode
to be mass deployed through pxe.(For details about this you may
contact Indranil Dasgupta at indradg gmail com).

Thats all for now,see you again soon.



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