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Re: [Ambassadors] FAD2007 meeting minutes

On Dec 2, 2007 6:58 PM, Chitlesh GOORAH <chitlesh goorah gmail com> wrote:
> Here's the meeting minutes of the FAD 23-25 November 2007:

Thanks for posting the minutes from the FAD.  It is good to see some
of the things people have going on.  I am sure the face-to-face
meetings prove quite productive!

I have just a few questions/comments after reading through the
materials in the tarball.

In the French report there was discussion of their upcoming store and
that the merchandise was showed off.  The Store SIG has considered
spreadshirt.net as a possible source for materials.  How was the
quality?  Did it seem like merchandise that would last?  If there were
T-shirts there, were they a heavy weight T-shirt?

It appears there was also discussion on different vendors for the
Store SIG.  Which different vendors were discussed?

In the German report there was this statement:

"Free Media distributions is not needed as everyone has broadband at
home.  During the events, there are always dvds/cds to spread."

Does everyone refer to every household in Germany?  Or does it mean
every German ambassador has broadband?

There was also discussion regarding a fellowship/membership brought up
by Gerold and Fabian.  I read through the presentation, but could
someone post more details regarding the specifics of that program?
Who is that program targeted towards?

I see the Event Box was also discussed.  I am glad to see it had some
attention during the meeting.  The Event Box page was one I created
quite some time ago, so it is nice to see some people pushing forward
with it.  Just a few comments on some of the discussion you had
(keeping in mind my view point is from the United States perspective
and might not be entirely applicable to the EMEA)

>> <fabian_a> i think for small events this would be very
useful....for big events like Linuxtag not
>> <fabian_a> the problem will be the money for this....and the
delivery to the locations

I actually see the Event Box as being useful for large and small
events.  The bulk of the box would be items needed to have the very
basics for booth setup.  A banner, possibly some posters to enhance
the booth presence, at least one PC to demonstrate Fedora on, etc.
Even at large events these should be useful items and hopefully reduce
the amount of time one needs to prep a booth.  For larger events the
box could certainly be supplemented by materials other Ambassadors in
the area have.

I agree - the money to get it started is a small stumbling block.  I
would expect shipping to be reasonable - if we are able to have an
event box for each major region.  That will hopefully help keep
shipping distances down.

>> <Pingoomax> at first we can make a small event box
>> <Pingoomax> with flyers, banners, (t-shirt) goodies, and of course dvds

I didn't really see the box as being a way to ship flyers, T-shirts,
and DVDs in bulk.  These would still be locally produced, as adding
all of that to the box increases it's volume and weight - all of which
will increase the shipping costs.  The box would hold items to help
get the booth up and running.  The swag and goodies would be locally
produced - which will hopefully be easier as the Store SIG moves

>>  <KageSenshi> i'm suggesting every country have their own eventbox
whch they make themselves to use
>>  among them .. with the international eventbox as a compliment to it
>>  <FrancescoUgolini> KageSenshi, what you say is correct, the
problem is that a country event box is
> >  usefull only for country with more than 5 ambassadors

I see it more regional and probably larger regions at that.  I think
the trick is to find the number of event boxes that are affordable to
create initially while balancing the impact of shipping costs.

Regarding expendable items, yes I included them in the list.  A lot of
these are covered in Fabian's personal event box, which is great!  We
do something similar here, one of our guys brings all of the misc.
items to our events and we are pretty much prepared for anything.  At
the last event we were pretty well prepared and loaned materials to
the booth to our left and right.  I do think the items have a place in
the larger event box though - it just makes things easier.  As for who
provides them, I know in our case if we are able to get the box to
come to be reality I would have no issue spending the small amount of
money to throw those items into the event box for our region.  It's
less than $25 USD worth of items.

Again, sounds like you folks had great discussions.  Thanks again
Chitlesh for sending the notes to the list.


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