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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora and CentOS - the perfect team on the way to replace our current SuSE Linux and SLES systems

Hello, Robert.
I'm using CentOS (in my servers) and Fedora (in my wokstations/desktops). Your history fits perfectly with the way I think today.
Thanks to post, I really appreciated it.

2007/12/7, Jens Kühnel <fedora jens kuehnel org>:
Robert Scheck schrieb:
Hi Robert,

great story and good courage to post it to the Fedora-Amb List.

I see Centos as a member of the Fedora Family and sugested it to
customers who complain about the price of RedHat.

A couple of my customers started with Centos and now using a mixure of
Centos (unimportant) and RedHat (important) machines.

>From my perspective its better than 100% Debian/Ubuntu or SuSE:-)


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