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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassador Meeting this wednesday !

I cannot coming to this meeting. it's 4 AM malaysia time..

Sorry.. :(

On Dec 10, 2007 4:11 PM, Thomas Canniot <mrtom fedoraproject org > wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen !

You all know there was a FAD meeting two weeks ago in Rheinfelden
between all interested EMEA people (Europe, the Middle East and
Africa). During this meeting, these Ambassadors decided it would be a
good idea to stay in touch with each other.

Then, an IRC meeting is organised, and it's this week on
#fedora-meeting :

day : Wednesday, December 12th
time : 20:OO UTC (check
to know your own time depending on your countries)
channel : #fedora-meeting
meeting agenda :

So, if you're an EMEA ambassador, this meeting is for YOU! Update your
agendas, and don't forget to join us.

2 other reminders will be sent tomorrow and wednesday mornings, but
that's not a good reason to update your agenda now :)

Thomas Canniot

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Mohd Hanafiah bin Muhamad
Fedora Ambassadors for Malaysia
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