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Re: [Ambassadors] FAMSCo Election 2007 Voting Dates


+1 Option #2

Like Gerold, I vote for re-opening the nomination period until 2 days
before the election starts. I think it would be a good thing to get 1-2
nominees more and I doubt that one of the current nominees would vote
against it.

And Gerold is right, anyway. The rules[1] say:
"Candidates must self-nominate at least two days before the voting
period opens by writing their information onto the wiki (Fedora account,
email and irc nick, statement of past contributions and what they hope
to accomplish while a member of FAmSCo.)"



Thomas Chung wrote:
> All,
> Due to a limitation of Fedora Voting System, our FAMSCo Election will
> be held after 24th.
> According to Fedora Infrastructure Team, only one election can be held
> at one time.
> Fedora Board Election is being held between 7th and 14th.
> FDSCo (Fedora Docs Steering Committee) Election will be held  between
> 14th and 24th
> Please let us know when is the best dates for our FAMSco Election:
> Option #1
> Dec 25th - Jan 1st
> Option #2
> Jan 1st - Jan 8th
> Option #3
> Jan 8th - Jan 15th.
> Regards,

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