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Re: [Ambassadors] Second Life presence

Quoting Francesco Ugolini <francesco ugolini fedoraproject org>:
> In my opinion we have to focus on real world, and we have to focus the
> resource on it, after, when we have created a real community we can see
> at this second world. We aren't Reuters, Nike or other business and we
> aren't the Sweden embassy, we are Fedora Project, a 4 years old project
> that actually has other problem in the mind.

Well, yes and no.

In my opinion, it thoroughly does not matter what is being done, as
long as it IS being done and IS indeed reaching the intended audience
with intended message.

So far, what I have seen on this list is discussion of an
idea--nothing more. The "we should" or "shouldn't" statements have
brought zero results and all of us participating in this discussion so
far have achieved zero results but spent time doing it.

So as much as I hate making normative statements, here's one for what
it's worth--if you (and this is a generalized "you") believe something
would be a good idea, then introduce it in the round and if you have
enough people supporting you (not a majority, just enough to get your
idea to work), and Famsco is not vetoing your project, then by Jake,
go ahead and implement it.

I have seen so many discussions on this list about what Ambassadors
should or should not do, should or should not discuss, on this list or
on the marketing list, yet little concrete work gets done. Famsco has
got the money from Red Hat that is waiting to be spent on innovative,
daring, or tried-and-true activities. I have not seen many requests
with concrete plans sent to Famsco. This is the first fresh idea in
months and it gets shot down. Well, make a counterproposal then. And
if you don't have one, try and come up with something anyway.

DVDs and schwag are nice, but we've been there already, time to move
on and grow and make some new things happen. If Moshe will make this
happen and it fails, it still will be better than not to try at all.


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