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[Ambassadors] Fwd: Alex Maier's Retirement from FAMsco

For those of us who knew Alex, she just announced her retirement from FAMSco.
Let's give her a farewell and a well deserved applaud!
Best Regards,

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From: Alex Maier <lxmaier gmail com>
Date: Feb 13, 2007 8:48 AM
Subject: [Famsco-list] New horizons... or whatever
To: famsco-list redhat com


I think after being involved with the Ambassadors group for a year and
a half, it is time for me to move on to new projects, and me being me,
I would like to turn all of my attention to those new projects, and so
I will have to retire from Famsco.

What is it that I will do?
For starters, I will try to streamline the package review process as
to enable more people to thrash out the bugs faster, and to lower the
entry barrier for them to do that.

From what I know about the package review so far, this will take a lot
of time and concentration, and I would be lying if I promised to spend
any time at all on the Ambassadors.

Then there is a bunch of other stuff going on that I would like to get
my hands dirty with--One Laptop Per Child is one, and my own art and
photography projects, which I have only been able to pursue
half-heartedly so far.

So here, I am "retiring."

Good luck gentlemen and keep the good work going!
Thank you for all the good times, and for all your commitment.

We will see each other :)

Alex Maier
Art and Photography
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Thomas Chung

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