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Re: [Ambassadors] Ambassadors' meeting reminder - Thursday 15th February 14.00 UTC

Sorry Guys,

I cann't attend because of a business trip without Internet access :-(

My personally points which must be discussed where only "local" issues
which I/we share latest at FOSDEM ...

Enjoy the meeting and hopefully there are a lot of people available.

And just a few short words regarding the retire of Alex ...

Every person is a individual. Not every person agrees with decissions
which were made or not made ...
Every Leader has his "own hand" to lead a team or whatever. Alex has and
Thomas does it by her own ways.

Personally I would thank Alex for having done a outstanding Job to
create the Ambassadors (I believe we are her "child") and bring us "on
the way" we do now!
I think we have had a good time with Alex by weekly meetings (which I
miss today a little bit) and we should try to implement a new frame for
such meetings (maybe weekly is to much).

And Alex whereever you are, whatever you do: I'm sure you do it as best
as you can and ...

hopefully we'll see you again here someday in good ol' Germany.

As told and writen much often, again ...

these are my (personally) five cents



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