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Re: [Ambassadors] leaving Fedora Ambassador's project

Hi Francesco Ugolini
dont go.
this project need persons like you

2007/2/17, Francesco Ugolini <francesco ugolini fedoraproject org >:
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Robert Whetsel ha scritto:
> I would like to start it was a pleasure to get to kind of know those of you
> I've
> met and worked with. I am telling you that I am leaving the Fedora Project
> after
> my events are completed this month. I will do one last edit of my RobertWhetsel
> for history sake.
> I feel as I did not get to know many of you as well as I would have liked.
> Part
> of my leaving is that a lot of us do not really understand the responsibilities
> and duties of a Ambassador, let alone what is the big picture of Linux and the
> concepts open source.
> An Ambassador is defined as:
> "An ambassador is a diplomatic official accredited to a foreign sovereign or
> government, or to an international organization, to serve as the official
> representative of his or her own country. In everyday usage it applies to the
> ranking government representative stationed in a foreign capital. The host
> country typically allows the ambassador control of specific territory called an
> embassy, whose territory, staff, and even vehicles are generally afforded
> diplomatic immunity in the host country."
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambassador)
> The Fedora Project's Ambassadors role is getting the word out by using a
> grassroots approach. Additionally, I believe we should be sharing the
> possibilities of what if. What if all people has access to eduction; no matter
> where they live. What if a small company could use software that helped them
> automate a business process that saved them enough money to hire one more
> employee. What if through education someone is able to get a job and not worry
> about how feed her family or where they are going to sleep. What if one more
> person believed that they could make a difference. That is what an Ambassador
> does; they open doors for people who don't know and give a new way to look at
> computing; one user at a time. Events are nice, but remember without people an
> event is an empty room.
> The marketing group roles are different from that as an ambassador. And, with
> the ambassador group still trying to find their way the merging of the two
> groups will ensue into chaos for a time after the transition. And, when we
> figure it out there will be a new set of people who will repeat the same
> mistakes. Again, people will wounder wjy we continue struggle. Is it because we
> keep changing the mission? Not really; We have had a lot of volunteers for
> subprojects, however when some people realized how much effort was needed and
> no
> one else steeped up to help; they quietly let the due date lapse until we
> forgot
> about it.
> For me I don't understand why we continue to repeat our meeting agendas. It has
> at times that I thought that we were playing a previous recorded show. A
> meeting
> should be for action; debate needs to take place before via ml and a voting is
> conducted during the meeting. Our lack of process is the failure to read
> meeting
> minutes and the inability to realize we discussed and resolve that issue.
> Additionally, when we get new people we get new Ideas; (same ideas more or
> less)
> we already resolved as policy or dismissed. It's human nature to keep working
> in
> our short term memory.

I think you have to stay to tell this to all ambassadors, if you leave
the project will lose an important (you were here before ambassador
started) point of view.

You are free to take this decision, i hope you can change it.


Francesco Ugolini

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