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[Ambassadors] Annual tech meet- Daskhh 2007.. India

Hi *,

Dakshh is the annual technological event of Heritage Institute
Technology, Kolkata,India.
This year it will be on the 22nd and 23 rd March, 2007. Me and my
friends are working to ake it a success.

We are arranging a fedora event to induct people into GNU/Linux
community, along with several other events. Our main focus is how and
why people should get into Linux community
what are  the scopes of work here and how *they* may be benefited from
this community.

We hope that this event will be able to create some Linux awareness,
which is surprisingly low here.

Now, as a organiser of it, 'am  cordially inviting you here.

Would anybody be in Kolkata at that time?

Here are the links


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