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[Ambassadors] Event Report (Horizon07 & Mukti07)


Horizon07 was a great success as it fullfilled almost all the dreams behind 
it. Rahul's talk changed most of the minds there and the Fedora Demo on all 
the three days also went cool. Now few of the teachers came to us to learn 
Linux :) 
Oh!, forgot to tell you that most of the engineering colleges at West Bengal 
are running Linux labs in Fedora only :D
We also have a very good news that few of the Cyber Cafes at Durgapur shifted 
to Fedora due to the recent M$ raid in West Bengal, and now they are saying 
that they will not go back to windows :) Though they have some minor problems 
like printer setup, file transfer etc.

But Mukti07 really disappointed me. After I reached Durgapur, I called Mukti's 
organizers, and they said they will contact me. But no news from them after 
that. At first they asked me to do talks & demos on 15th (last day of 
Horizon), so I asked them to give me any time in between 16-18, I also 
informed that we can do demo on all the three days morning session. But no 
reply :(  I never thought that event as any community event and they kept 
their reputation.


Fedora Ambassador, India

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