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Re: [Ambassadors] release announcement idea [RFC]

+1 very good idea - I can help with slovak and czech

/Marek Mahut

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 04:20:18AM -0800, Karsten Wade wrote:
> Last release we had an idea that I'm proposing we try for Fedora 7.  For
> reasons that should be obvious as you read, the Ambassadors seem to be a
> natural group to do this.  Perhaps in coordination/collaboration with
> Fedora Translation/L10n contributors?
> The basic idea is to distribute to countries/regions a list of "talking
> points".  Talking points are specific items we want to see covered in
> any release announcement.  Then each region/language can choose to i)
> form a small team, and ii) collaborate to write a truly localized
> release announcement.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/ReleaseAnnouncements#Process
> Background
> ----------
> In the past, the announcement introduction has been written in English
> in a semi-humorous way.  To understand it, you had to know specific
> cultural references.  This made them fairly impossible to translate (or
> transliterate).  Or even understand, period.
> This new method would rely entirely upon the local groups to collaborate
> on an announcement, then distribute it within their region as a formal
> Fedora release announcement.  One place to start is fedora-announce.  
> How many different language announcements can we get on fedora-announce
> for Fedora 7?
> One concern that is that a release announcement is a very big chance to
> start misinformation about Fedora.  For example, an announcement may be
> written in a language not read by most of the Fedora leadership, and the
> authors accidentally choose terms or phrasing that reflect negatively on
> Fedora.  The quality of the writing or grammar also reflects on Fedora.
> To lower this risk, it seems like a good idea to have the release
> announcement draft due for review by the final test (usually test3,
> occasionally test4).  Every draft announcement then needs an independent
> review by a reader of that language.
> I'm sure that this has been done informally in various countries.  This
> idea is to formalize the process, recognize the people involved with the
> honor of speaking LOUDLY for Fedora, and make an ever bigger impact with
> this next release.
> - Karsten
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Best Regards,
Marek Mahut

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