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Re: [Ambassadors] release announcement idea [RFC]

Le mercredi 28 février 2007 à 04:20 -0800, Karsten Wade a écrit :
> I'm sure that this has been done informally in various countries. 

Yep, we [French Amb.] did it for FC6.
Armel Kermorvant wrote the announcement and we discussed it on our
French mailing list. Once we got it done, we sent it to every news
websites (related to computer science of course) and to linux websites
as well the day before FC6 was released.

Our announcements were well followed, some websites pasted and copied
our mails in the columns. The even thanked "The French Ambassador
Group". :) In this announcement, we clearly gave a link to the Fedora
logo, to avoid websites to run to the first RedHat logo they could find
on the web.

I think it is a good idea to formalise the process. It will give us the
material to write a good release announcement. 

Of course, I join the translation effort for the French team. 

Thomas Canniot

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