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Re: [Ambassadors] Presentation

Welvome Eduardo!!!!!!

Giuseppe Pignataro
Fedora Core Ambassador for Italy
A KDE italian translator
Socio TAU Visual
Member of ILS

________________ Messaggio originale ________________
Oggetto:	[Ambassadors] Presentation
Autore:	Eduardo Villagrán Morales <gotencoolwebmaster yahoo es>
Data:		26 gennaio 2007 1:8:50

Hi Fedora Ambassadors,
I'm Eduardo Villagrán Morales (EduardoVillagrán), Fedora Ambassador for
Chile. I'm student on Universidad de Santiago de Chile. In this moments
i'm working on a free software users group
I use GNU/Linux since 2003, starting with RH. Then migrate to FC1. I'm
migrating a entire computers lab to FC6 using Kickstart, with plans to
migrate the entire departament.

Eduardo Villagrán Morales [linuxuser:#384391]
Embajador Fedora - Chile
sip:gotencool ekiga net

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