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Re: [Ambassadors] something for "legal"?

you're completly right and correct, ...

my first idea was otherwise: WE inform them that they do a violation and
give them the chance to correct it ...
... and if we don't bring this into a solution we inform then the
"official legal" ...

as told mails before: just an idea and imagination of mine ...


> On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 11:11:44AM -0300, Rodrigo Padula wrote:
>> The site www.linuxmall.com.br commercializes Fedora and Red Hat products
>> without Red Hat permissions
> They don't need anyone's permission to "commercialize" Fedora, in the
> sense
> of selling CDs, etc.  Our license gives them that right already.  But it
> does look like they may be improperly modifying the Fedora logo, and they
> probably also shouldn't be using Red Hat's Shadowman logo to market Fedora
> products, which is what it looks like to me (without speaking Portuguese)
> on this page: http://www.linuxmall.com.br/index.php?product_id=4675
> But of course, I am not a Brazilian lawyer.  Fortunately we have Red Hat's
> legal department to sort this stuff out.
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