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[Ambassadors] India FreeMediaProgram

Hello India Ambassadors..

Just giving you feedback regarding FreeMedia program i was not in town
recent weeks so couldnt attend the meetings... as you can see at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/FreeMedia/India we have a
rather small list this month and i was thinking that its possible to
fill 100% of them, out of 28 we already have shipped 6 thanks to
RamamurthyShiroor and MehulPatel

I would like to get a little help regarding this if anyone of you can
take up at least 1 media responsibility... please reply this thread
the number you can take up.. every one will count... meanwhile i am
preparing to clear the backlog since May and will be shipping 5 for
this month.. I am proposing to terminate all those previous May 2007..

Thanks for your support.

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