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Re: [Ambassadors] 3000 Fedora 7 installations.

On 7/26/07, Nayyar Ahmad wrote:
Hi All,

After a long discussions and few presentation, i have convinced Mozambique
Ministry of Finance (SISTAFE) to migrate their workstation around the
country from MS Windows to Linux (Fedora 7), now they have officially
approved the migration country wide and i will supervise this migration,
plus will help them in end user training, its the first time in Mozambique
that a Govt. department have opt for Linux (Fedora) and in my opinion it has
been a big achievement, as after their migration i will be able to speak
with other ministries and private firms.


Congratulations, Nayyar. You have done a great job.


(sorry I mistyped fedora in the title :( )

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