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Re: [Ambassadors] Indian Ambassadors Metting Reminder

Hi Jose
You are nicely doing the job and please continue this good work with Indian Ambassadors. From the first Indian Ambassador meeting I am trying to join it but unable to do it because I am failed to understand how to register at  the freenode channel. Please help me.

Gopal Das

On 6/26/07, jose manimala <josemm fedoraproject org> wrote:
Hey everyone,
                        there will be the indian ambassadors meeting
tomorrow at 1800 Hrs IST on the #fedora-india channel. Hope to see you
all there!!

Please edit the wiki page and add agendas that need to be discussed the link is


Jose M Manimala
S6 Computer science and engineering
Rajagiri School Of Engineering And Technology
Ph: +919846367850
GPGkeyID: 98FF52D2

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