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[Ambassadors] Introduction

Hello All,

My name is Douglas Hardison. My friends all call me 'Woody'.
I have just completed my application to Fedora Amabassadors.
The nice people in #fedora on FreeNode alerted me to its existence, and
pointed me to the Ambassador HowTo.

I am 35 years old ( come this Friday ), and I currently live in Clayton, North Carolina. Clayton is a small town just outside Raleigh. I am recently transplanted from the city of Wilson, NC; home of the 'World's Largest Tobacco Market'.

I am married and have a seven year old daughter, and an 11 month old son.

I currently work support Linux-based network monitoring appliances.
Before that, I was an admin at a local ISP in Wilson, where I obtained most of my Linux knowledge. Everything from email to RADIUS to web proxies, etc...

I have been using Linux for approximately 10 years or so. I did not start out with RedHat, but eventually ended up using RedHat 5.0. At that time, I found it the most intuitive, *plus* easy to install distribution.

As my wiki page ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DouglasHardison ) states, I have played with other distributions, but always return to my roots :-)

I hope to become an active member in the Fedora community, and give back a little of what Linux has done for me.


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