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Re: [Ambassadors] The faces of the FedoraProject

You can just see the event photos, you will find many people there.

I think it's the best way because people can see we are together.


Francesco Ugolini
p.s. you can find somephoto where i am in FAD EMEA and FOSDEM 2007 photos.

Nicolas Antonio Corrarello ha scritto:
> I think is very important for everyone to put a face on every name, to
> give a more human approach, as it is discussed on in the MustHave .
> Even if i got it wrong, it would be nice to see a picture of each one of
> us in the PersonalPages, so I'd like to encourage everyone to do it.
> I started with mine http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/NicolasCorrarello ,
> you can e-mail me to say how ugly or goofy I look :D
> Y.S.

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