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Re: [Ambassadors] Proposal: Fedora European Infrastructure

Hello there,

On 3/16/07, Gerold Kassube wrote:
Here at a FAD you have all persons at a table who should be effected to
any issue which is on the agenda (and not on it) ..

Sure, it is always best to have all concerned and active contributors
around the table. But unfortunately, for some reason or another not
every concerned and active contributor can be present and thus it will
be unfair for them. I might be such contributor who will miss Linuxtag
2007. So then, according to what you said gerold, my views won't
matter since I'll be absent. :(

> Le vendredi 16 mars 2007 à 16:21 +0100, Francesco Ugolini a écrit :
> > I think that people interested in this discussion will join FAD :)

Am Freitag, den 16.03.2007, 18:58 +0100 schrieb Thomas Canniot:
> Then you are assuming that people who won't go to FAD are NOT interested
> in FEI.
> Let me tell you that this is completely the worse behaviour to have.

ThomasCanniot is right here. Like I said above, this will be
summarized that I'm not interested in FEI, which is not true.

Now by how latest comments were brought forward, we will be doing the
_same mistake_ I did for FOSDEM.

I've now realised that A big Fedora Event doesn't implicate only
fedora ambassadors, but fedora contributors also.

Fedora Ambassadors should work with other projects and give the
latter's contributors the chance as well during any Fedora Event to
participate. If there is a big Fedora Event then it's also the time
for contributors of different fedora projects to talk:
- among themselves (with contributors of the same fedora project) -
e.g FAD, doc meeting, packaging meeting...
- with upstream present at the event
- with actual partners (if the particular project is working with
other distributions)
- with possible new contacts with other distributions

In the end, i want to converge to one point that in such big Fedora
Event, there isn't enough time to talk about everything. Let's spare
time if we can, because it will only benefit fedora in overall.

Most Fedora Ambassadors are not only dedicated to the Fedora
Ambassadors Project, but do also contribute on other Fedora Projects
such as KDE, FreeMedia, Documentations, Websites .......
During a Big Fedora Event it's also time for them to meet and discuss
their fedora projects as well.

(by Fedora Events, I mean those listed in wiki/FedoraEvents)

#001: Before FOSDEM FredericHornain said:
""PS: You know it is the first time that a lot Fedora people come to
Fosdem so everything can not be perfect. I am pretty sure that we will
do better organization next year.""

We tried to do our best on the mailing list and discussed many things
just to make the event successful. And it was.

At FOSDEM, I wanted to get the FEI discussed and started.
Unfortunately, we couldn't. Pushing some interesting goals for a later
schedule will lead to a delay in the process, which is unfortunate,
because we have some potential to make things happen ASAP.

#002: Though, sometimes I don't agree at 100% with RahulSundaram's
comments, he does lay down new fields that we didn't think that need
to be exploited. Since, possibly he can't attend LinuxtagBerlin, we
will miss his comments as well as ThomasChung's for the FEI's setup.

I prefer to discuss things here on this mailing list in order to allow
everyone's to participate and at the same time, let others
(none-concerned) to take the FEI as example if FEI is proved to be
successful. Yet another way of mentoring which was discussed during
the last FAD.

#003 ThomasCanniot's recent mail on the French status on FEI showed a
different opinion compared to that of the german's. Yes, it is a fact.
Perhaps, we may never converge to certain agreement on a common
ground. But in fact for fedora's sake, we have to converge to a
certain agreement.
Yes, in order to hear the different views of "concerned" contributors,
it's better to hear it before the LinuxtagBerlin, so that at Linuxtag
a decison could be taken and FEI kick off. But if we listen to
everyone's views at Linuxtag, it will make FEI's setup a lengthier

I still welcome any ambassador to express his/her views about the FEI.

My wish:
Before Linuxtag,
1) discuss and listen views of concerned contributors
2) discuss and listen views of NON concerned contributors (however
everyone in this mailing list is concerned since it is Fedora
Ambassador PRoject related)
3) setup a proposal of who should be the Executive of FEI
4) know whether MaxSpevack still care to give the budget or not
5) listen to everyone from an _objective_ point of view
6) document on legal issues - at Linuxtag, it will be on the fly, and
you will agree with me it isn't appropriate at that time
During Linuxtag,
7) bring forward a summary of what has been discussed
8) assign Executives
9) (things what I missed)
After Linuxtag, FEI be kick off and everyone is happy.


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