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Re: [Ambassadors] Attn: Indian Ambassadors

Dear Santosh / All Indian Ambassadors,

This is my first post in a while, primarily because of some really messy scheduling professionally, My personal consulting firm is currently involved in 2 rather time hungry projects, which are both being based on fedora(one is a big statewide governmental project even, for the State govt of Bihar).

 This really means the bottom line for me is,
    a. I'm making enough dough via mostly fedora consulting to be able to afford the cost of dvds, burning etc enough cd's to more or less wipe out the monthly deficit, and i can burn them to, as i work, it's just popping discs in the tray each time it spits one out...
    b. What i really lack is the time to pack, label and dispatch them. That's where i hope someone else here could assist me. If i could work with someone who  lives reasonably close to me, i could just burn the dvd's in bulk, and pass them on, and they could actually distribute them across to the list.

Maybe in a couple of months from now(i.e. when i actually get paid properly -- you know the govt :P ), my little consulting firm may actually be in a position to tie up with some cd/dvd distributor to formally sponsor media, but until then, do you ppl think this is a workable solution? Do let me know...

R. K . Rajeev (AkA RajeevRavikrishna)

> Hi fellow Indian Ambassadors
> I write this mail seeking your help in clearing all the backlogs and
> maintaining a healthy FreeMedia India Program. Officially we are 33 in
> Number and the approximate request received by the FreeMedia India program
> is around 40-50 every month. Why cant we share this? 40-50 will definitely
> be a burden to any single individual, but when done in a collective way
> its
> nothing! The current individual ratio is around 1.5 DVD's per ambassador.
> Can we collectively do something to make sure we run this FreeMedia
> Program
> successfully.?
> --
> Santosh Kumar
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