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Re: [Ambassadors] Attn: Indian Ambassadors

> rajeevrk xlncenterprises com wrote:
>> Dear Santosh / All Indian Ambassadors,
>> This is my first post in a while, primarily because of some really messy
>> scheduling professionally, My personal consulting firm is currently
>> involved in 2 rather time hungry projects, which are both being based on
>> fedora(one is a big statewide governmental project even, for the State
>> govt of Bihar).
> Can you give us more information? My pet peeve is folks installing
> Fedora all over the place and not telling us a word about it although
> that's always better than folks not installing Fedora ;-). It would be
> nicer to collaborate in whatever ways we can.

Hi, sorry about the earlier mail, was writing it on a clients doze laptop
on ie, and it decided that my mail looked fine enough incomplete, and decided to send it as i was typing :D

Lol, if that's the case, i'm probably your enemy number one, coz i've hardly
said a thing on this list. The two current projects are

1.  A  project for the State Govt of Bihar, where we are looking to automate the process
of the chief ministers office which holds janta darbars. The system registers complaints,
has a copy of the voters database (~ 8 crore records, thankfully not accessed inline), is available on a web based interface, accessible to every public service officer(district
magistrate, superintendent of police, chief medical officer etc) at the district level, and all
minesterial and secretariat level officers. All complaints are routed automatically, based
on types, and are integrated with a strong Workorder system. The entire system is built
on customised GNUEnterprise components, running on fedora servers(sweet little 2U 64Bit
IBM 346's), mysql database, and firefox browser based(yes, i have put this in the
requirements. IE's CSS just makes the site look plain UGLY, and i'd much rather NOT
fix it and break standards).
2. Setup of a linux support center in mumbai. This is a pet project of my company,  i'm helping set up a dedicated linux support cell. One of the issues that i have consistently faced is the fact that i can migrate a corporate network effortlessly, and actually have clients begging for me to do their desktops after they feel the linux experience on their servers,
not to mention the snazzy graphics. but i'm reluctant to get into it as supporting desktop users is just totally beyond me as an individual. that's where my company can step in, after the migration, and handle AMC style support on redhat/fedora platforms(more distros maybee, later). Am in the process right now of training a few engineers, and have a client in
had for a pilot with a network of about 60+ systems, of which 45+ have been targeted for
conversion, all to Fedora7, in june. I need to have both site and on-call tech's trained by
then.=, to handle that client and the flood that i expect soon after, from word of mouth.

so i hope you can see how messy my schedule must be right about now :P

>> This really means the bottom line for me is,
>> a. I'm making enough dough via mostly fedora consulting to be able
>> to afford the cost of dvds, burning etc enough cd's to more or less wipe
>> out the monthly deficit, and i can burn them to, as i work, it's just
>> popping discs in the tray each time it spits one out...
>> b. What i really lack is the time to pack, label and dispatch them.
>> That's where i hope someone else here could assist me. If i could work
>> with someone who lives reasonably close to me, i could just burn the
>> dvd's in bulk, and pass them on, and they could actually distribute them
>> across to the list.
>> Maybe in a couple of months from now(i.e. when i actually get paid
>> properly -- you know the govt :P ), my little consulting firm may
>> actually be in a position to tie up with some cd/dvd distributor to
>> formally sponsor media, but until then, do you ppl think this is a
>> workable solution? Do let me know...
> Sounds feasible. Where are you located?

Mumbai, kandivali here. what about you?

R. K. Rajeev

> Rahul
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