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Re: [Ambassadors] Event Report: Feel IT in Bamberg / Germany

On 5/4/07, Matthias Kranz <matthiaskranz gmx de> wrote:

Yesterday I visited a convention/fair of Deutsche Telekom in
Bamberg/Germany. The fair is organized by and for apprentices/trainees
of Deutsche Telekom and apart from the conference with several talks
about Linux/UNIX and Open Source they set up several booths for
demonstrating their projects.

Partly I was on an official mission for Red Hat and gave a presentation
about Virtualization using Xen. My private Fedora contribution were 100
Fedora Core 6 DVDs which I handed over to the local Fedora advocates ...

Matthias Kranz
Fedora Ambassador
mkranz fedoraproject org

Thank you for your report.
I'll submit to FWN.
Thomas Chung

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