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[Ambassadors] Czech and Slovak actions

Hello all,

After my little pause of ambassador for .sk caused by my move to Czech
Republic, I'm ready to take over of this responsibility again. Some days
ago, I got in touch with Czech community of Fedora and we agree that we
need to merge our forces, like Extras and Core merged :) I'll take the
responsibilities of Czech Ambassador until we find better candidate. For
near future we are preparing few projects.

# fedora.cz and fedoraproject.sk

First at all, we want to move this sites to new server in some
time /when I got enough money :)/. Fedora.cz is a portal pointing to
other community sites and take care of discussion forum that have at the
moment about 7442 posts, what is amazing for that time I think!

# Freenode channel #fedora-cs

We decides to merge #fedora-sk and #fedora-cz channels on
irc.freenode.org to #fedora-cs, because Slovak and Czech understand each
other without big difficulties. In this way the power of community can
be stronger from my point of view.

# Fedora Distribution

I hope that in some month I can find some finance to sponsoring the
distribution of free Fedora CD's to Slovak and Czech republic.

Other ideas will come.

What about the translating announce of F7 release? Can you help with
Czech and Slovak one? Just let me know.


Marek Mahut <marek mahut sk>

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