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Re: [Ambassadors] Attn: Indian Ambassadors

> rajeevrk xlncenterprises com wrote:
> . I need to have both site and
>> on-call tech's trained by
>> then.=, to handle that client and the flood that i expect soon after,
>> from word of mouth.
> Interesting. Why is being Fedora being preferred on these systems?

A Number of reasons. Firstly, I promote the free and open software philosophy pretty aggressively.
Also, these are business users, so things like lack of built-in multimedia codecs and binary blobs(for wifi) are not big dealbreakers. In fact, off the record, they are happy that the desktops dont play mp3 out of the box, and fow those who want it, setting up a nice fast local yum repository is simple. that with pxe+network kickstart installs mean we can migrate their entire network overnight, as all files and imap mail are anyways stored on the servers.
The fact that fedora is also used as a testing base for many packages that will eventually make it into redhat means that the customers get a level of confidence that their sysadmins can migrate to redhat without too much of a re-learning curve, so i get to draw on redhat's brand image here. The fact that fedora is more or less at the cutting edge in terms of new software is not too bad for them, as the core productivity software at the bleeding edge is pretty stable.
Probably the biggest reason of them all, I have set up fedora servers for them before, and they have used it for over a year, and are pleased as punch since they have had only like 20-22 reboots in the entire year, mostly because of power issues. Put it all together, with the slick aiglx+beryl demo i gave them on my laptop tipped them over.

> > Sounds feasible. Where are you located?
>> Mumbai, kandivali here. what about you?
> Pune.

hmmm... will have to work out how we can co-ordinate this... contact me off list to exchange further contact details.

> Rahul
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