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Re: [Ambassadors] About first Linux Lug in China

On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 22:14 +0800, Haowei Lee wrote:
> In order to help people to learn more about linux,especially for
> fedora.I am determinded to set up the first Linux Lug in China.At
> present,I am first determinded to set up this lug in Beijing,China.

I don't want to stop your enthusiasm but ...


And this page even lists more of them:


I dunno how current the data is however ...

> I hope ambassadors here especially ambassadors for China could give me
> more advie for this lug.I am also very appriciate of any advice or
> your lug's establish experience from other ambassadors if you would
> like to send to me.Thank you very much!


Matthias Kranz

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