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Re: [Ambassadors] The fedora project and local forums

Sorry for the late answer, I was quite busy.

Am Mon, 30 Apr 2007 16:01:14 +0530
schrieb Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
> > The first question here is if you have already discussed this in
> > the past? If not it would be a good start to discuss the advantages
> > and disadvantages of this. I have some ideas for this but first I'd
> > like to hear your opinion. :)
> This has been discussed multiple times before here and on 
> fedora-websites list from a conversation initiated by me. Some
> website administrations have joined the project as ambassadors,
> translators etc but there is definitely more coordination required.

Ok. I will search the list then.

>   * If these websites carry content that is useful they should try
> and merge the documentation into the fedoraproject.org website and 
> documentation project as long as it fits in (nothing about
> proprietary software etc)

If they don't want to do this as a single contributor is there a person
they could talk to? And there may also be the problem with different

>   * People actively involved in any of these community websites can
> be interested in doing translation work. Website, documentation and
> packages.

Yes, as single contributors.

> * These regional websites sometimes host their own packages which
> could be avoided. There is usually no reason why they cant be merged
> into a bigger repository. Either the official one or with a standard
> third party repo.


> * Any promotional or marketing ideas should be shared and worked
> within a global team.

So one of them must join Fedora Marketing at his own? Or will Fedora
Marketing initiate a talk?

> * Feedback from users can be shared. Bug reports and enhancement 
> requests should be made to Red Hat bugzilla instead of these forums
> so that developers can deal with them directly. 

Yes, of course. but not everybody can speak or write in english.

> Ambassadors who are
> already active in these regional websites need to bridge efforts.

> * Website team might have periodical meetings with other local forum
> and website administrators to enable this kind of coordination.

So the loal website administrators should join the website team at
their own?

Sorry If some of the questions may sound a little bit stupid. :)
Is there a wiki page with help and proposals for this case? I mean
something like a "starting guide" what local forums can do, to whom
they should speak and so on. Or just a page that describes how local
forums can get more involved "at a whole forum", not as single


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