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Re: [Ambassadors] The fedora project and local forums

Sebastian Vahl wrote:

If they don't want to do this as a single contributor is there a person
they could talk to? And there may also be the problem with different

For websites, post to the websites list or talk to Thomas Chung or me. Mike for infrastructure. For formal documentation talk to Paul or Karsten or to the docs list.

So one of them must join Fedora Marketing at his own? Or will Fedora
Marketing initiate a talk?

Fedora marketing is not a formal body. It is just a lose collection of people in a list. You are part of that. Feel free to initiate a talk on behalf of marketing after deciding on what we need to tell these folks and perhaps translating it if they don't speak English.

Yes, of course. but not everybody can speak or write in english.

Some folks who can should act as a gateway.

So the loal website administrators should join the website team at
their own?

Yes. Is there a different way?

 Or just a page that describes how local
forums can get more involved "at a whole forum", not as single

I am not sure how that would fork. We have large number of people in such forums. What would they gain by say joining fedoraforum.org if they don't speak English. Do you have anything more specific in mind?


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