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a) does make international shipping sense ? I would estimate that
shipping is more expensive than manufacturing several transparents, ...

Creating one event box in every (large) country would be the way to got.
National shipping is much faster and cheaper.

b) HW ist not international usable (different plugs, voltage of 110/220,

c) Nice HW which is offered with Linux as an option, so the drivers
should be no problem: small, lownoise, ...


d) I would recommend central storage between events. The PCs have to be
reinstalled and cleaned.

e) What about a video projector ?

f) Additional hardware: speakers, webcams,  ... ?

g) Only Desktop PCs ?. Laptop-prices are really low these days, so a
cheap laptop doesn't not cost more than a shippable PC, a display, a
keyboard and a mouse. Laptops are much lighter and therefore easier to
ship and use less space on a booth. Also we can show, that Fedora has no
problems with powermanagement, pcmcia, wlan, bluetooth, ...

h) Depending on the target-audience (corporate, enduser, ...) we should
make a list what apps or games could be used. Which non-violent games or
graphic demos have cool 3d-graphics for some eyecatching ? Which
applications are important for corporate users ? For example, they
should be fully translated. Mix-language apps are always leaving a bad

Perhaps we can find some things, that other PC operating systems can`t
do: better resistance to virus-mails, better support for older hardware,
3D desktop, network based scanning, included and / or free
virtualization via XEN oder Innoteks VirtualBox.

Perhaps it`s a interessting thing to show Linux running on a rather old
PC. "If your machine is to slow to upgrade to the new release of that
other operating system, you could try Fedora.Look here."

cu romal

Jeffrey Tadlock schrieb:
> Robert M. Albrecht wrote:
>  > The Ubuntu-People had an Eventbox. A rather large box containg 300
>> Ubuntu shipit-CDs, some Edubuntu CDs, an outboor-transparent, some
>> stickers, some flyers, ...
> The Gnome folks also have something similar to facilitate quick and easy
> booth setup.
> We have talked about it some here, I have a Wiki page up describing my
> proposed Event Box:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/EventBox
> It is geared more towards easy booth setup and pointers to where one can
> get the templates for brochures, T-Shirts, etc since we tend to
> encourage local production of DVDs, T-Shirts, stickers, etc.
> I have not had a chance to work on it much over the past few weeks due
> to a new child in the family.  Still working to get back to normal from
> that!
> --Jeffrey
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