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Re: [Ambassadors] LinuxTag at Fachhochschule Salzburg

On 05/10/2007 07:02 PM, JoergSimon wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2007 11:49 schrieb Oliver Falk:
As one or the other knows, there was a LinuxTag in Salzburg/Austria at
the Fachhochschule
However. My experience/notes.
It was my first (bigger) speach. I was quite enthusiastic, but also
quite nervous, as you can guess. :-) I only received positive feedback
yet, that's fine.

Austria is a good field for such speaches in the next weeks!

Jörg, do you want me to come to Berlin or be in Vienna? :-) Just jokin...
Arg... Will any Ambassador be in Vienna? If so, has someone checked shirts!?

Dress code
I'm not sure if I will wear a suite next time. I actually felt a bit
overdressed (you'll see on the pictures - I'll send a link as soon as I
have one). On the other hand, I think I stated, that we are not geeky,
freaky staff, making geeky, freaky stuff. :-)

This is one reason, why i prever a "Fedora Poloshirt" than a T-Shirt! But maybe its also a question of age - for me as old man ;)

Hm. I like suites. :-)

   Fedora on the Desktop. If we want this, we need to get an idea of
what users prefer, how they work.

I want - and i want push Desktop and DesktopIntegration - and i will do it !


Presentations Group/Team
For short: The idea. A new group "Fedora Presentations Team". Creating short presentations with nice artwork translated to different
languages. For Ambassadors it would be easier then to put together a
bigger presentation - if needed. It would be also easier hold a speech
about whatever people are interested (not the full-blown presentations).
If you're fast, open another presentation, ... many options here....
Behind the idea; Presentations team, would make sure, that presentations
are kept up 2 date and translated. The team would be mostly made of
Ambassadors I guess, but under a new hood, with separate m/l-list and so
on. Ambassadors without interest in this part would be overwhelmed with
another bulk of mails.
Got it? :-)

this could be my idea - great!!!

A hope you enjoy(ed) the report.

Thank you for the Report, this is a good example and should be done by more Ambassadors!

/me also thinks so!


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