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[Ambassadors] Fedora French Ambassadors Weekly Minutes [2007-05-13]

Hello Fedora Ambassadors Team,

The French Ambassador team has the great pleasure to share with you the
weekly minutes meeting.
The goal for us is to give you each week a visibility of our actions.
You can find at this adress the full report in both French and Enlish :

== Ambassadors ==

 * 'pingou' : Pierre-YvesChibon
 * 'MrTom' : ThomasCanniot
 * 'llaumgui' : GuillaumeKulakowski
 * 'Pingoomax' : MaximeCarron
 * 'DrPixel' : ChristophePolyte
 * 'trashy' : JohanCwiklinski
 * '[splinux]' : DamienDurand
 * 'SmootherFrOgZ' : XavierLamien
 * 'serenity' : BenoitMarcelin

== Community member ==
 * 'starmad88' : Matthieu Gautier
 * 'RemiFedora' : Remi Collet
 * 'herrib' : Hervé Riboulot
 * 'fclove' : Marie Goeneutte
 * 'Karl_Le_Rouge' : Haïkel Guémar

1) Fedora-fr organisation

No news today

2) Fedora T-shirts

Waiting for the creation of the organization. Need to contact Thierry
Delmonte to know more.

3) Fedora-fr.org

The organization for the news bulletin will be started this very
week. MrTom will mail the list as soon as he get rid of his exams.

4) Fedora & local events

    * Fedora at Nantes (44) May 12th, 2007 (Armelk)
          o fclove has given 21 out of 25 DVDs. A report will be send
to the list. 

    * Fedora at Maubeuge (59) June 02nd and 03rd, 2007 (trashy)
          o No news today. 

    * Fedora at Montpellier(34) from June, 14th to June 16th , 2007
          o No news today 

    * Fedora at Paris(75) June 23th 2007 (MrTom)
          o One person is missing for a presentation
          o People are organizing themself to go together to Paris from
Lyon      o Damien Durand suggested to create poster for the event 

    * Fedora at Lyon(69) 2007 (Pingoomax Sereinity)
          o It will be impossible to organize an event on week-end in
the university. o Contacts have been established with the local LUG, it
may be possible to merge their June event woth ours.
          o Contacts has also been established with aldil :) 

5) Fedora Project

FC7 Translations are over.

6) FreeMedia Program

One French request awaiting.

7) Open discussions


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