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Re: [Ambassadors] Important Reminders for LinuxTag (and other events)



Francesco Ugolini

Max Spevack ha scritto:
> Ambassadors,
> There are a large number of us who will be in Berlin next week for
> LinuxTag.
> A few reminders:
> When we are there, please remember that when we are at the actual
> LinuxTag event, at the hotel, or out at a bar, we are all
> representatives of the Fedora Project.  We need to be well-mannered,
> polite, respectful, etc.  All that obvious stuff.  People will remember
> how you act, and remember what group you represented.
> This is particularly important at the hotel -- there are somewhere
> between 20 and 30 of us all staying at the same hotel.  We need to
> remember that we're not the only people there -- not be too loud at
> night, not get in the way of other guests, etc.
> And now, the most important thing:
> If you are going to "work the booth" at the event, ACTUALLY WORK THE
> BOOTH.  If you want to go on your laptop and read email, that is fine,
> but take yourself and your computer AWAY from the booth to do it.
> I want our setup to look and be as professional as possible.  And that
> means that we have a few people who are standing up, actively trying to
> speak to people who are stopping by, and explaining to them what Fedora
> is.  If the people at the booth are looking at their computers, it
> doesn't seem very friendly.
> I warn everyone in advance that I'm going to be a bit "mean" about
> making sure that we present a very professional face.
> Remember the key points about Fedora 7:
> Fedora is an open platform for innovation.  Think about those 3 words:
> OPEN -- the entire Fedora Process is now completely in the community
> PLATFORM -- we provide a huge number of RPMs and a "suggested" ISO.  But
> people can expand and build on what we provide however they want
> INNOVATION -- Fedora is where we always push to do new things, and
> include the newest free software technology
> If you are a "Linux User"
>     * LiveCD is very useful to you, easy demonstration
>         * LiveUSB stick also
>     * Revisor is very useful to you, easy customization
>     * All the latest from upstream
> If you are a "Linux Developer"
>     * The "open toolchain" of Koji, Pungi, and Revisor
>     * Build your own Fedora appliance exactly the same way that the
> Fedora Project does
>     * Customization of the distro, including 3rd party RPMs, at build time.
> thanks,
> Max


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