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[Ambassadors] Budget June 1 - August 31

The previous email lays out the context around which we are doing our budgeting for Ambassadors.

Let's talk now about Q2 of this year -- June 1 - August 31. Again, we have $12,000 USD to spread around for "global events and swag".



FAMSCo has decided that the FedoraEvents page on the wiki will "freeze" 1 month early (on May 1), and the events that are listed on the page and *have an organizer/accountable ambassador* will receive funding.

The "special" event in Q2 that has its own separate funding is FUDCon Boston, so we can ignore that from a budget perspective.

Current status (with 1 month left before deadline):

North America
	3 events with owners (OSCON, LinuxWorld SF, UTOSC)
	1 event that needs an owner (Ottawa Linux Symposium)

South America
	1 event with owner (CESOL)

	1 event with owner (RMLL)
	2 events that need owners (LUG Radio Live, FrOSCon)

	No events

In addition to those events, we also need to continue to set aside money for local regions to produce additional Fedora 9 media and swag.

So, let's start filling out the event roster for Q2.


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