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[Ambassadors] [Fwd: Hackontest Announcement]

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Dear open source project coordinators

/ch/open is happy to announce the going-live of the Hackontest platform.
You're warmly invited to participate on http://hackontest.org [1] and
submit your project, feature requests, and comments. [2]

Hackontest is a 24-hour open source coding competition taking place
during the next OpenExpo in Zurich on September 24/25, 2008. Three teams
of different open source projects are required to implement a certain
feature for their Free Software project within 24 hours. In order to
select the participating projects, features and programmers the
Hackontest platform allows everyone to submit feature requests for
projects and rate and comment on them. When a developer feels that he is
capable implementing a feature, he can sign up and thus becomes a
candidate for the participation in the Hackontest event. Most of the
decisions are made by the Hackontest jury which consists of ten renowned
open source hackers:

Jeremy Allison, Samba
Jono Bacon, Ubuntu
Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Subversion
Martin F. Krafft, Debian
Alexander Limi, Plone
Federico Mena-Quintero, GNOME
Bram Moolenaar, vim
Bruce Perens, OSI founder
Lukas K. Smith, PHP
Harald Welte, gpl-violations.org

On August 1st 2008, the Hackontest jury will look at the submitted
projects and developers and choose the three participating developer
teams - three persons each - according the features ranked highest and
the most promising hacker profiles. Until shortly before the Hackontest
event the rating and commenting of the features may continue. On
September 24th, the open source teams gather in one room at OpenExpo and
start to implement the feature the jury will select. Connected to their
community through the Internet the teams start to code for one day.
After 24 hours they present the new feature to the audience, the jury
reviews the code and announces the Hackontest winners.

The teams receive cash prizes of USD 1000, 2500 and 5000. Also the
Hackontest participants get a free trip to beautiful Switzerland,
accommodation and meals during the Hackontest days.

As Hackontest hast just been released to public, we're thankful if you
spread the word within your communities and personal contacts.

All the best,

Matthias Stürmer

[1] As this web application is written from scratch, there might be
still some bugs and usability issues. Please send any suggestions on how
to improve the platform or anything else concerning Hackontest to
contact hackontest org

[2] I filed some 'demo' projects and features. If you'd like to take
over a project, let me know and I'll change the owner.

Matthias Stürmer | matthias stuermer ch-open ch | +41 76 368 81 65 
/ch/open | Swiss Open Systems User Group | http://www.ch-open.ch
Postfach 2322 | CH-8033 Zürich | info ch-open ch | +41 44 350 26 56

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