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Re: [Ambassadors] Budget June 1 - August 31

2008/4/2, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com>:

>  Current status (with 1 month left before deadline):
>  North America
>         3 events with owners (OSCON, LinuxWorld SF, UTOSC)
>         1 event that needs an owner (Ottawa Linux Symposium)

According to events sites i think both them are big events, maybe
4000$ could be ok for North America (maybe 5000$).

Most of them are well know events (LinuxWorld SF, Oscon) and, surfing
the next, i found interesting information about the other events.

Naturally i think it could be useful to know the event owners opinion opinion.

>  South America
>         1 event with owner (CESOL)

I found few information about this event (Rodrigo can you tell us how
much do you need?)

For my perspective 500$ is ok. If we count another event, maybe two,
before the deadline, i think 1000$ could be ok for South America.

>  Europe
>         1 event with owner (RMLL)
>         2 events that need owners (LUG Radio Live, FrOSCon)

If we will able to find the 2, missing, event owners i think 2000$ for
EMEA could be ok.
(hoping to know more from event owners about their necessties).

>  Asia
>         No events


>  In addition to those events, we also need to continue to set aside money
> for local regions to produce additional Fedora 9 media and swag.

I have not idea how much could media/swag production cost (globally).

That's my personal prevision, according to event sites, fedora events
wiki and number of people attending those events.

Waiting for your feedbacks

Francesco Ugolini

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