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[Ambassadors] [OFFTOPIC] Leaving the Project

Hi all Ambassadors and FAMSCO
The next 21st of April, one day after FISL, if God makes it possible, i will leave my role as Fedora Argentina Manager and Fedora Ambassador Position. Reasons, are not around this wonderfull community, the distro or differences with my friends around Fedora. I have two years of Happiness bringing Fedora around my country and Brazil too, making great Friends as Rodrigo Padula, and great persons like David Barzilay and all the others, including a special personal greetings to Gomix, the leader of Fedora Venezuela, and all others around.

The main reason, is a big difference of point of view with Red Hat Argentina Managers. I will not talk about this. Would not be appropiate to do that. The only thing that i will say is: when you have differences around a project, project must not be stopped in order to have differente opinions, So Red Hat Argentina and I have the opposite opinion about the funds, the activities and budget.So, cause i am just a person, i will let my posistion when FISL is concluded. I will travel anyway to POA ( if Red Hat doesnt cancell my tickets) to make my last presentation as Ambassador.

I will leave the responsability to something real special and advocate to Fedora, this person is Javier Gabriel from Santa Fe Province. He has the "young fire" that the project locally need to managed the spread of voice of fedora. Anyway, theres three more ambassadors in activity, so when i started to work on the project
theres no ambassadors in "real" activity, so this is for me a nice blend.

When I looked behind, i see a lot of wonderful things that this project gave to me. The possibility to know a lot of people more intelligent, capable and smart than me and i could learn a lot of them. I think that the most important persons that latin america has is Rodrigo Padula and Gomix. Thank you to all to give me possibility to be postulated to famsco and make possible be part of this wonderful and nice community. Thanks to Tomas Chung from bring me CDs :), and Thanks to Francesco Ugolini, for his support in some
"dark hour" against me of some stupid people of my country.

The only thing that i can say is : Thanks...
As we say with Rodrigo: Fedorize yourself!!!

Best regards
Pablo Barrera
Former Fedora Ambassador Argentina

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