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[Ambassadors] FAmSCo IRC Meeting Log - 2008-04-04

HTML version of the log is here:


Raw log is here:

<iWolf> fugolini: hi!
<fabian_a> hi fugolini
<MrTom> hi
* spevack is here, doing a bunch of number crunching
<fugolini> sorry but with daylight time changing
<fugolini> i was confused
<fabian_a> fugolini, it is better for us, isn't it?
<fugolini> maybe
<spevack> isn't it like 10:00 PM for you EMEA folks?
<fabian_a> yes, it is
<kanarip> yup
<kanarip> hey spevack ;-)
<fugolini> ok, we can start
<fugolini> Roll call:
<fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
<iWolf> JeffreyTadlock
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<kanarip> JeroenVanMeeuwen
<fugolini> take a look at
<spevack> hey jeroen
<fugolini> fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Agenda
<spevack> MaxSpevack obv
<MrTom> ThomasCanniot
<fugolini> Unfortunately i couldn't send the meeting reminder
<fugolini> this is our agenda:
<fugolini> 1. Fedora Event Budget
<fugolini> 2. F9 Release Party Planning
<fugolini> 3. Wiki (both delegate and cleanup) status
<fugolini> i think we have a lot of issues to discuss
<fugolini> so starting from the 1st one
<iWolf> i think we should let spevack go first, i think he has to leave
<fugolini> 1. Fedora Event Budget
<spevack> well, this is my topic
<fugolini> iWolf: yep, is what i want to do
<spevack> so i guess the first question is did you see the email I sent
to famsco-list a little bit ago
* iWolf nods
<spevack> and second is are there any comments on that email or the ones
i sent to ambassadors-list earlier in the week?
<spevack> I feel like we are doing a pretty fair job of distributing
funds around the globe
<fugolini> !
<MrTom> !
<fugolini> ok, first of all MrTom
<MrTom> i'd like to add that it seems we'll have both attendees for the
Worlwide FOSS Meeting in France during July
<MrTom> (abt 3000 visitors)
<MrTom> it is during Q2
<MrTom> I don't know if Max still has coins for this or not :)
<MrTom> eof
<spevack> MrTom: unfortunately, i don't think I'll be able to make it to
that event.  I will be in the US for FUDCon and staying for a little
while afterward...
<spevack> but that is separate from money for the event
<spevack> which we certainly have
<kanarip> when is this event exactly?
<spevack> For Q2 events, the policy is "we can fund the event if it is
on the FedoraEvents page with an owner by May 1"
<spevack> because May 1 is 1 month before the start of Q2
<spevack> MrTom: does that all make sense?
<spevack> kanarip: first week of July, mid-week
<MrTom> yes max thanks i'll add it
<MrTom> from 1st jyly to 5th
<kanarip> right
<MrTom> in Mont de Marsant (near Spain border)
<fugolini> Max, i have a question for you
<MrTom> the website : http://2008.rmll.info/
<spevack> fugolini: sure
<fugolini> about the mail you sent in the Ambs list
<spevack> my email to ambassadors-list about the *current* quarter had
several responses
<fugolini> about the Q3, if i'm not worng
<spevack> my email about planning for *next quarter* had none :)
<spevack> what's your question francesco?
<fugolini> you ask for partecipation, but what kind of partecipation do
you want?
<fugolini> The owners partecipation or a global one?
<fugolini> because i have made a personal prevision but i think it isn't
a good one
<spevack> fugolini: i don't understand what you mean, i'm sorry
<fugolini> just because i don't know what each owner has in its mind
<fugolini> ok
<fugolini> The q3 mail is intended for all ambassadors or only for event
<spevack> Anyone!
<spevack> Because every ambassador is a *potential* event owner
<fugolini> because, for my perspective, i could only forsee the budget
<fugolini> looking at some sites, past events etc...
<spevack> I think ultimately FAMSCO must decide how to make sure budget
is fair
<spevack> but I want every ambassador to have a chance to sign up to run
an event
<spevack> i think we agree on this... maybe i am just not saying it the
right way?
<fugolini> ah, this is only for sign up purpose
<spevack> The job of all ambassadors is to sign up for as many events as
they want to be accountable for.
<spevack> the job of FAMSCO is to then figure out how to support those
<spevack> right?
<fugolini> yes, this week is really difficult for me :)
<iWolf> spevack: +1
<spevack> fugolini: no problem :)
<fugolini> you can go on ...
<spevack> well, that's about all I have to say right now.  I've got my
proposal in the email for more specific questions.
<spevack> I am concerned that no one seemed to pay attention to the "May
1 deadline for Q2 events" email.
<spevack> but i can send another one that is shorter and more to the
point :)
<spevack> the Events page is already filling up pretty well
<kanarip> well it's up to event owners to pay attention and add
themselves to the page before May 1 deadline
<iWolf> a reminder though with the May 1st point and a link to the more
lengthy email is reasonable though.
<kanarip> what may be more important in that aspect is that if they have
events but we don't know about it, we may not get any metrics or
feedback from those events
<iWolf> maybe even a blog post for folks paying more attention to those.
<fugolini> yea, i think so
<spevack> well, let me be honest with you all
<spevack> I have been playing with numbers in my head all day
<spevack> and I think we are in decent shape for the rest of Q1
<spevack> (I am a little bit worried about the costs of CDs, DVDs, and USBs)
<spevack> particularly because USBs are just really expensive.  Even if
we get them for $5 each, that's still the same as 4 DVDs
<spevack> and I think we'll be fine for Q2 -- it's still a month away,
people won't fill things in until the last minute
<spevack> but I think that overall we are figuring out processes that
will allow us to serve our community better this year than last year
<kanarip> USB !== swag, right?
<spevack> and we need to be really open about asking the community for
<spevack> kanarip: unfortunately, anything tangible is considered swag
<spevack> CD, USB, DVD
<spevack> if we have to pay for it, it's swag :)
<kanarip> ohw ok
<spevack> now, for example, stuff @ LinuxTag comes out of the LT budget
<spevack> same with FUDCon
<kanarip> during our board meeting we considered anything that we sell
merchandise instead of swag just to make the distinction
<spevack> the large shows have budget to support themselves with swag
<spevack> my worry is running out of swag to support the smaller shows
<iWolf> i'm not sure we'd get our money's worth from USB keys.
<spevack> which is why I like the idea of having money for "regional
smaller shows" pooled together in the hands of 2 or 3 responsible folks
(like Fedora EMEA)
<spevack> so they can coordinate swag in one order for smaller shows
<spevack> does what I'm saying make sense?
<kanarip> yes, very much
* spevack worries he's not explaining himself well
<spevack> ok
<fabian_a> yes
<MrTom> ok for me
<spevack> iWolf: i worry about the USBs too.  It would be really cool,
but without *selling* them back, it seems too costly to just give away
<fugolini> spevack: i think it could be a great idea
<spevack> I think that we need to advertise at every event that if
people show up with a USB key, we'll turn it into Fedora for them.
<iWolf> spevack: that's my thoughts.  people will take a USB key, wipe
fedora off of it and use it for whatever, just to get the free USB key.
<fugolini> iWolf: if what i'm thinking too
<spevack> ok FAMSCo, so should I just continue to operate the way I have
been with the budget stuff?
<fugolini> *is
<kanarip> spevack, +1
<fugolini> spevack: yes,
<iWolf> spevack: i'm fine with how it has been handled so far.
<iWolf> so, +1
<kanarip> but i'm not FAMSCo ;-)
<spevack> do you guys feel like you have enough consultation and input
in the matter?  I don't want you to feel like I'm just making the
decisions myself
<spevack> kanarip: maybe not, but I respect your opinion ;)
<kanarip> thanks ;-)
<fugolini> spevack: i think the guidelines are perfect
<iWolf> spevack: i like to see the things hit the famsco list, i think
most of us have been fine with how it gets distributed, but the
"transparency" of the list helps us figure out how it flows.
<iWolf> if that makes sense.
<fugolini> we could, as you know, work on the list
<fugolini> on simple issue like USB etc...
<spevack> iWolf: yeah, i'll keep posting lots of stuff to the list.
these things only make sense when you can actually look at numbers
<spevack> fugolini: i feel like, for example, if we hand a certain
region, or a certain event $x for their show, and they want to spend it
all on USBs, that's their choice.  And depending on how well that choice
turns out, it will impact what happens next time they ask for money :)
<spevack> it's a learning process for everyone, is my view.
<spevack> we have to try new things from time to time, but we also need
to try to get good value for our money
<spevack> ok, that's about all I have on budget stuff right now.
<fugolini> i'm just thinking (sorry but i'm mind lagged today) to make a
deep discussion in list
<fugolini> because, for my point of view, is really difficult to work on
live streming
<fugolini> but as i said a lot of time i think you have the capacities
to make this work
<fugolini> and it's a luck to have you here
<spevack> we'll continue all the discussions on the list.
<spevack> thanks francesco
<spevack> I feel like the CFO of Fedora ;)
<fugolini> chief financial officer?
<spevack> When I was the CEO of Fedora, I had no money.  Now Paul's the
CEO, but I have all the money!  :D
<fugolini> lol
<MrTom> hehe
<iWolf> :-)
<kanarip> so that's why you're relocating
<kanarip> now i get it!
<fugolini> what i want to see from ambassadors are feedbacks
<spevack> we had some good feedback, like the people who were asking
about an event in Africa.
<fugolini> just to know what they are thinking about it
<spevack> which I am happy to support, if it has someone to organize it.
<fugolini> but many times some countries seems invisible in the list
<fugolini> personally i want to see a great global partecipation
<fugolini> and for budget issues i think they are important
<fugolini> eof
<MrTom> we have people from tunisia within the French org
<fugolini> Can we move one?
<iWolf> +1
<fugolini>  2. F9 Release Party Planning
<fugolini> iWolf
* spevack will have to go soon, sorry.
<iWolf> I posted the irc notes from the marketing meeting to the list
<iWolf> i would like to finalize a release party organization page
<iWolf> with the ideas, suggestions for locations to hold them, and then
really push with mailing list posts, blog posts etc, to get people
organizing them.
<iWolf> so hopefully by early next week start the campaign to get
ambassadors throwing some release parties.
<iWolf> any thoughts on that?  timeline or otherwise?
<iWolf> oh, and remind people to put the parties on the events
calendary, as fugolini said, if there are too many we can shuffle them
to their own page.
<fugolini> mh
<fugolini> Is the plan complete?
<fugolini> i try to explain
<iWolf> we have ideas posted to your wiki page.
<fugolini> With all the ideas is possible to have a complete event set up
<fugolini> ?
<iWolf> yeah, i think we have enough ideas to help give an ambassador a
solid start on what it takes to throw a party.
<iWolf> has anyone seen Ubuntu's planning page?
<fugolini> we can announce the release event trought fedora announce
<fugolini> [22:01] <spevack> hey jeroen
<fugolini> [22:01] <fugolini>
<fugolini> ops
<fugolini> bad pasting
<iWolf> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningReleaseParty
<fugolini> i saw it some time ago
<fugolini> you gave me the link
<iWolf> ah, cool!
<fugolini> as you said before i think sometimes ambs is not so read
<fugolini> >Publicise It
<fugolini> that's the point
<fugolini> like you said
<fugolini> i want to know from all famsco members and ambassadors
<fugolini> could you meet other ambassadors from other cities etc?
<iWolf> is that a question for me?
<fugolini> for famsco and ambassadors
<fugolini> you too :)
<iWolf> :)
<fugolini> i want to create a global network of social relations
<fugolini> like in europe
<fugolini> to better coordinate ourselves
<fugolini> and make important issue like release events better promoted
<fugolini> eof
<fugolini> ping
<kanarip> pong
<iWolf> pong
<fugolini> ok
<fugolini> have you questions?
<MrTom> not for me
<fugolini> sorry today is a queite strange meeting
<fugolini> 3. Wiki (both delegate and cleanup) status
<fabian_a> !
<fugolini> fabian_a:
<fabian_a> sooner or later we move on to mediawiki.
<fabian_a> shall we still go on with the clean-up or did it when we switch?
<fabian_a> eof
<iWolf> I would move on with the clean-up.
<spevack> relatively soon -- probably not long after the F9 release --
and that is why it is good to get the cleanup done before, so that we
don't waste time migrating pages that will just be thrown away later
<iWolf> spevack: +1
<fugolini> for the clean up porcess we need to review famsco pages
<MrTom> !
<fugolini> and we have to start working on contents updates
<fugolini> i have some paper schemes
<fugolini> MrTom:
<MrTom> i removed many many french related meeting pages and we are now
discussing on the Fr ml were could list have the remaining events
<fugolini> great
<MrTom> and there is a query from our group it seems, a page where to
set in stones the past events, a king of memories, if people are looking
for a contact who was attending at those events for exampls
<MrTom> i don't know yet if this exists or not
<fugolini> we have a past event archive, if i'm not wrong
<iWolf> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/PastEvents/
<MrTom> oh that simple... thanks
<MrTom> :)
* fugolini will never use past function ...
* fugolini *paste
<fugolini> Sorry if this week i could be available to finish the work
but i have some, not calculated, problems
<fugolini> but we have only few pages missing
<fugolini> i promised last week to finish the work before the past
sunday, but it didn't happen, sorry
<iWolf> no worries - we all have $dayjobs and studies
<fugolini> fabian_a: i don't understand the infrastucture delegate task?
<fugolini> *-?
<fugolini> could you explain us ( i read something in the mktg list)
<fugolini> *to us
<fabian_a> so far, it's about being the first point of contact
<fabian_a> i guess that the rest will be defined in the near future
<fugolini> ok
<fugolini> i added your task in the agenda
<fugolini> so we could have a current tasks list
<fugolini> Questions?
<iWolf> not from me.
<fugolini> now i want to closed past issue
<fugolini> Event Reporting Guidelines Define Fedora Event Budget
criterias FAmSCo position
<fugolini> Event Reporting Guidelines | Define Fedora Event Budget
criterias | FAmSCo position
<fugolini> for the criterias i think we are ok now
<fugolini> because mac
<fugolini> *max has to
<fugolini> send us only the scheme
<fugolini> i think we can just put to the first two task the last
meeting date
<fugolini> and for the last one the 3rd meeting (i think)
<fugolini> it's ok?
<fugolini> ok :)
<iWolf> sounds good to me, we might want to keep a recurring
budget/event item, just so we cover upcoming events/budget each meeting.
<iWolf> but those specific tasks you listed are done, i think.
<fugolini> Fedora Event Budget is ok?
<iWolf> yeah, that is enough to make sure we touch base on it each meeting.
* iWolf needs to leave in a couple of minutes.
<fugolini> yea, we have finished
<fugolini> i was waiting your opinion about the last issue
<fugolini> *famsco
<fugolini> i think if anyone has to move objection we can adjourn the
<fugolini> 3
<fugolini> 2
<fugolini> 1
<fugolini> == meeting adjourned ==

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