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Re: [Ambassadors] [OFFTOPIC] Leaving the Project

Hi ambassadors,
I want to say that I accept the role as manager of fedora Argentina. so,
i have to say thanks to Pablo Barrera for this opportunity and i hope to
have luck, thanks


Javier A. Gabriel

El vie, 04-04-2008 a las 21:32 -0300, Pablo Barrera escribió:
> Hi all Ambassadors and FAMSCO
> The next 21st of April, one day after FISL, if God makes it possible, i 
> will leave my role as Fedora Argentina Manager and Fedora Ambassador 
> Position.
> Reasons, are not around this wonderfull community, the distro or 
> differences with my friends around Fedora. I have two years
> of Happiness bringing Fedora around my country and Brazil too, making 
> great Friends as Rodrigo Padula, and great persons like
> David Barzilay and all the others, including a special personal 
> greetings to Gomix, the leader of Fedora Venezuela, and all others around.
> The main reason, is a big difference of point of view with Red Hat 
> Argentina Managers. I will not talk about this. Would not be appropiate 
> to do that.
> The only thing that i will say is:  when you have differences around a 
> project, project must not be stopped in order to have differente opinions,
> So Red Hat Argentina and I have the opposite opinion about the funds, 
> the activities and budget.So, cause i am just a person, i will let my 
> posistion when FISL
> is concluded. I will travel anyway to POA ( if Red Hat doesnt cancell my 
> tickets) to make my last presentation as Ambassador.
> I will leave the responsability to something real special and advocate 
> to Fedora, this person is Javier Gabriel from Santa Fe Province. He has 
> the "young fire" that
> the project locally need to managed the spread of voice of fedora. 
> Anyway, theres three more ambassadors in activity, so when i started to 
> work on the project
> theres no ambassadors in "real" activity, so this is for me a nice blend.
> When I looked behind, i see a lot of wonderful things that this project 
> gave to me. The possibility to know a lot of people more intelligent, 
> capable and smart than me and i could
> learn a lot of them. I think that the most important persons that latin 
> america has is Rodrigo Padula and Gomix. Thank you to all to give me 
> possibility to be postulated to famsco
> and make possible be part of this wonderful and nice community. Thanks 
> to Tomas Chung from bring me CDs :), and Thanks to Francesco Ugolini, 
> for his support in some
> "dark hour" against me of some stupid people of my country.
> The only thing that i can say is : Thanks...
> As we say with Rodrigo: Fedorize yourself!!!
> Best regards
> Pablo Barrera
> Former Fedora Ambassador Argentina

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