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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora is the new ubuntu

2008/4/10 Nayyar Ahmad <nayyares gmail com>:
> Hi,
> "Fedora finally seems to be turning into a real community project, rather
> than a simple testing-ground for RHEL. The unification of Core and Extras is
> the most visible sign of this change. Fedora's where it's at."
> Detail: http://wingolog.org/archives/2008/04/07/fedora-is-the-new-ubuntu

Great article!
I have seen how apt-get and yum work on my machine and to me ti seams
that apt-get is not much faster than yum, maybe slightly - but I see a
major difference in speed when dep and rpm packages are installed -
and dep leaves rpm in dust! It is easily twice faster to update and
install packages on Debina based distros than on Red Hat based ones. I
believe that is not because yum is slow but because rpm packages are
slow to install and upgrade compared to deb ones.


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